About ProBiotix Health

ProBiotix Health’s Vision..

Provide consumers and industry world-wide with uncompromised supply and service of safe and scientifically validated probiotic-based microbiome product solutions for improvement of human health

Strategic Overview: Advancing Scientifically-Validated Probiotic Solutions for Optimal Human Health

1. Pioneering Research​

We prioritize the identification and evolution of groundbreaking probiotic strains.

2. Scientific Validation

Through collaborations with leading research institutes, universities, and hospitals, we undertake rigorous clinical studies. Our partnerships span from renowned microbiologists to top-tier health professionals, ensuring our probiotics stand on a solid foundation of validated efficacy.

3. Intellectual Property Protection

A cornerstone of our strategy involves securing our innovations through patents and trademarks, preserving the uniqueness of our offerings and fortifying our market position.

4. Next-Generation Formulation Solutions

We are committed to crafting advanced probiotic-based supplement and OTC pharmaceutical formulations and dosage formats. By integrating cutting-edge science, our designs are not only singularly focused on enhancing human health but also prioritise product efficacy and safety.

5. World class manufacturing

Through strategic partnerships globally we are committed to providing second to none consumer product manufacturing. We consistently meet the requirements of the global nutrition and pharmaceutical industry and relevant regulatory

6. Strategic Partnerships for Global Reach

Aligning with leading well-established health, wellbeing,nutrition and pharmaceutical companies active in the probiotics sector is key to our strategy. These partnerships amplify our capability to make our finished formulations accessible to consumers around the globe as private label or through our CholBiome brand.

The Evolutionary Journey of ProBiotix Health

ProBiotix Health’s journey began as an inspirational idea by our founders back in 2012 with the idea to use Probiotics as a mean of improving cardiovascular health and well-being in humans.

Since then the company has developed rapidly from a biotechnology start-up to a commercial product company which was incorporated on the London stock exchange in November 2021. ProBiotix is envisioned to develop groundbreaking probiotics to counteract and array of lifestyle conditions that have become prevalent globally.

Since its inception, ProBiotix Health has risen to prominence as a worldwide leader in microbiome modulating probiotics for the supplement market catering to industry segments including Pharmacies (OTC) and renowned supplement brands.

In our relentless pursuit of being at the forefront of advancing global health, ProBiotix Health continuously explores the identification and development of new probiotic strains. Venturing into novel indication areas, and new territories, forms an integral part of our forward-looking approach. Furthermore, to validate the efficacy of these pioneering strains, we prioritise the creation of robust studies, underscoring our commitment to the scientific backing of our patented solutions.

Our commitment to excellence, quality and the potency of our products is not just a claim.

Independent clinical studies validate that ProBiotix’s proprietary flagship strain, LPLDL®, significantly reduces crucial cardiovascular risk biomarkers. Specifically, LPLDL® has been shown to decrease total cholesterol by more than 36%, LDL cholesterol by almost 14%, and blood pressure by approximately 5%. In 2017 our journey took an even more promising turn with the launch of our finished consumer format private label and branded formulations under the CholBiome® brand , which incorporate LPLDL®.

Our fast-expanding global customer base and strong presence in Europe and North America is validated proof of consumer and industry trust in our offerings.

Meet the dedicated individuals steering Probiotix Health towards a healthier brighter future.