Healthy ageing, longevity and metabolic health a key focus at Vitafoods Europe 2024

As one of the world’s largest nutraceutical tradeshows, Vitafoods Europe sees approximately 20,000 attendees across its two-day conference in Geneva, Switzerland. For the ProBiotix Health team, the tradeshow offers ample opportunities to build new partnerships with fellow industry leaders, as well as showcase our latest innovations for cardiometabolic health.  

Year-after-year, delegates arrive to discover the latest trends taking shape in the nutraceutical sector. From sports nutrition to immunity and cognitive health, there are multiple growth areas for innovative products to target. A key focus for this year is metabolic health and how it can support healthy ageing and longevity of life, with companies like Mintel – the market research specialists – leading a presentation on how the life sciences industry can tackle metabolic syndrome through product innovation. In addition, a panel discussion on preventative medicine and longevity science will explore the economic impact that preventative medicine could have on ageing societies.  

As a life sciences company, the ProBiotix Health team has a keen interest in healthy ageing solutions that not only add years to life but add life to years. With global life expectancy rising from 54 years of age in 1960 to 73 in 2019, focus is on ensuring that our healthspan (the time a person is healthy) rises accordingly to provide quality of life throughout the full lifespan. Maintaining good cardiometabolic health plays a key role in healthy ageing. Around 20 million people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) annually, thus leaving the condition the leading cause of death worldwide. Considering that 80% of these deaths are considered preventable and almost 20% of CVD deaths are directly linked to elevated cholesterol levels, there is a pressing need to create solutions that improve the journey towards a longer, healthier life. 

The ProBiotix team is eager to share our insight into probiotic solutions that can impact on cardiometabolic health. As an exhibitor at stand P56, the team is launching the newly developed InstaMelt formulation for the European market, offered as a business-to-business solution to health brands and retailers as a private-label formulation.  


Introducing InstaMelt 

InstaMelt is a new vegan, allergen- and GMO-free food supplement formulation, which dissolves instantly on the tongue. Available in two flavours at the exhibition stand – redberry and peach – it’s designed to be taken once daily after a meal. For those visiting the stand, the ProBiotix team will be handing out free samples to taste.  

Developed with two science-backed ingredients, the award-winning patented probiotic strain LPLDL ® and Thiamine (Vitamin B1), our formulation can make the EFSA claim that it contributes to the normal functioning of the heartUnder structure function claims in the US, InstaMelt helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range, supports normal LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on cholesterol levels within the normal range, and benefits long-term cardiovascular healthThis makes it ideal to be delivered as a heart health supplement in retailer brand portfolios. In addition, InstaMelt features unique dosing technology to enable brands to deliver the solution in much more novel and convenient way for consumers and therefore meets the ‘aspirational’ demands of the market.  

The ProBiotix team has worked to create a product with a superior organoleptic profile with an excellent mouth feel, which greatly improves consumer convenience and experience. InstaMelt is available in two great tasting natural fruit flavours. 



Other products on show

To meet the demands of the cardiometabolic health market, several other formulations will also be on show, including those that manage cholesterol health, blood pressure and vascular health. Using our proprietary probiotic strain LPLDL ®, in combination with other natural ingredients, each formulation is targeted to support specific cardiometabolic risk biomarkers and has scientifically proven efficacy that they are a safe and natural solution.  

Several ProBiotix team members will be on hand at the exhibition stand to discuss your specific formulation queries, including CEO Steen Andersen, VP Sales Michael Litichevski, Head of Product Management Niels Peter Bak, Global Supply Chain Director Mads Brandt and Head of Marketing Cellan Davies.  

If you are interested in learning more about the pioneering science behind LPLDL ®, tasting the new InstaMelt innovation, discussing any of our other capsule and tablet product solutions, or just want to discover more about ProBiotix Health and its commitment to advancing cardiometabolic health solutions, the team will be available at stand P56 between 14-16th May.


Why not book a meeting with the team today? Visit the Vitafoods website now.


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